New avatar: Ludovico

I suck at making sculpties. The only thing i can do in Blender is what a three year old does with clay. But I finally found a way to put those amorpic blobs to use.
I needed an avatar for the halloween parties (got a lot of invites and managed to only do short visits to the NPIRL, Hobo and Ville Spatiale ones) and I wanted to do something Clockwork Orangy. In the key scene of the book, Alex gets a 'ludovico' treatment, and so does this avatar. The head has a lot of tiny (or 'torchered' as Arcadia calls them) prims that were a pain in the ass to align, it's got a touch of steampunk, sculpties... the works.
I made one leg (and both arms) invisible with invisiprims and joined the visible leg to the other one, so he hops around in his straitjacket when he walks. Too bad Arcadia isn't around anymore, I'm sure she would have given me a fun name of an asylum to put on the straitjacket. The record player (playing Ludwig Von of course) on the back is the one i made for De Fuckups' build, slightly altered. In the contraption above that has a rotating orange. Corny, I know. I couldn't resist. Orange in the title doesn't even refer to fruit, but to the Indonesian word for man; orang.

Available for L$ 250 at one of my shops.