In between crashes I found time to build a camera, which i'll be needing for my paparatzi avatar. That will be an extra version of the rat avatar. Nikon and Nikkormat owners of the seventies will recognise some of the features. You can get a free copy of the camera at the salon, it's on the counter of the hippoburger stand. Free to copy modify and give away.


Temporary swimming pool

The Neumoegen (a typo of the dutch city Nijmegen maybe?) sim north of my shop crashes a lot. Not as much as Calleta of course, but still. Everytime it crashes it leaves a giant swimming pool for me:

I'm going skinny dipping!

Yes ladies, that's hair. And a 'Very punk' tattoo. And two bags of moneys on my hips to help me float. What are you waiting for? Propose already!

Ooh goodie, compliments!

I am as vain as I am pretty, so sometimes I take a couple of minutes on a sunday afternoon to google myself. I found the Second Life Merchant Times wrote a whole new article on my new store 10 days ago. "A shop as good-looking as its products" he writes, and he's not being cynical I think.

I also found an interview with Pavig Lok in the Second Life Insider, where he mentions me as one of his favorite content creators. Whoa. There's my name in one paragraph together with such SL celebrities as Mis Ordinal, Fade Dana and the wonderful Arcadia Asylum (best builder in SL, imo)! Besides that, I'm a big fan of Pavig's work (there's Greenies, of course, and all his freebies and goggles, fleas and so on, oh and I really like the docks near the Hobo info hub) and I'm so honored I'm almost falling off my chair.

Pavig's docks


Burning Man

Got tp'd over to the Burning Man hippie festival tonight. I have seen pictures of the real thing (comes very close to SL from what I saw) but I didn't know there was a Second Life version too.
Things were kind of hectic as everyone was hunting for land to build on, but Zimmy had already claimed some land and asked me to build on it.
A fire extinguisher seemed appropriate. And about the same size as the Man...

A quick and dirty build, but I like it nevertheless. Apparently there was a theme (I had no idea) to the festival - global warming- and it sort of goes with that too. Well whaddayaknow? I was going for the burning hippie theme myself.

Salon des Clochards Riches

Rhee, the sim where I had my main store was filling up with huge ugly buildings and add farms, so I decided to relocate my store and bought some nice land in Oculea, right next to the railroad tracks, and close the Hobo hub and some of my other builds.
As I have rebuilt my main store into a tiny magazine stand (->) I had plenty of room to build some sort of club. This is what came out so far:

The Salon des Clochards Riches. The oh so eloquent Bettina Tizzy managed to translate my ranting about the Salon into a nice short text I can use as a description for it:

"The Salon des Clochards Riches (Salon for Rich Hobos) - etabli August 2007 - is a shabby-luxe gathering place for digital bohemians and great loonies with a penchant for the absurd, a taste for pointless things, and a even a parlor game or two. Expect our once-monthly jamborees/vaudeville revues to center around such riveting topics as the history of wallpaper or the sex life of the striped peruvian millipede. It has been suggested that the tone for these occasions will be on the grand scale of a B-movie. Ridiculous, illogical and meaningless presentations, performances and films will be given serious consideration. We anticipate that demand for tickets will be high so lamentably, I am also having to recruit bouncers."

Thanks, Bettina!

Go take a look for yourself, there's more to see and almost all is free to copy. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oculea/182/217/49

Alpha Tootorial

For Zimmy, who wants to make a semi-transparant texture...

And if you don't want those ugly white outlines at the edges of your 'object'; use a dark background. Even though it won't show, the selection still anti aliases to the background, that's why.


Hey there,

I'm a graphic designer and I have been playing in punkrock bands for the last 30 years. I have two kids, and when they go to bed I spend my nights on second life.

In there I build stuff. Sometimes it's crap, and sometimes even I like it. I hang around with people that are a lot better at building stuff than I am. I suck at scripting, so I just take free (or 'liberated') scripts and alter them, or I ask a friend to script something for me.

I live in The Netherlands. When I say that to people in Second Life they usually think I'm some weird goth freak, but no; the country actually exists. It's an urbanized swamp about half the size of New Jersey located between Great Britain and Germany and 16 million rude people live there. If you americans keep driving those ridiculously big SUV's for a couple of more years, the whole country will be flooded. So keep it up, because I'd really like to move to a sunnier place.

No idea what Second Life is? Second Life is the most absurd place on earth, very dada. If you have a broadband connection and a fairly good graphics card you can travel there from the comfort of your own home: start here



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