Salon des Clochards Riches

Rhee, the sim where I had my main store was filling up with huge ugly buildings and add farms, so I decided to relocate my store and bought some nice land in Oculea, right next to the railroad tracks, and close the Hobo hub and some of my other builds.
As I have rebuilt my main store into a tiny magazine stand (->) I had plenty of room to build some sort of club. This is what came out so far:

The Salon des Clochards Riches. The oh so eloquent Bettina Tizzy managed to translate my ranting about the Salon into a nice short text I can use as a description for it:

"The Salon des Clochards Riches (Salon for Rich Hobos) - etabli August 2007 - is a shabby-luxe gathering place for digital bohemians and great loonies with a penchant for the absurd, a taste for pointless things, and a even a parlor game or two. Expect our once-monthly jamborees/vaudeville revues to center around such riveting topics as the history of wallpaper or the sex life of the striped peruvian millipede. It has been suggested that the tone for these occasions will be on the grand scale of a B-movie. Ridiculous, illogical and meaningless presentations, performances and films will be given serious consideration. We anticipate that demand for tickets will be high so lamentably, I am also having to recruit bouncers."

Thanks, Bettina!

Go take a look for yourself, there's more to see and almost all is free to copy. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oculea/182/217/49

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