New avatar: Prvoky

Prvoky is a Paramecium Aurelia. It's transparant, and it has flexy hairs and mouths all over. How sexy is that heh?
The box comes with two versions; one has a brain that reacts to chat. Well some of it. Not much really.
Because I have only extremely well educated and intelligent buyers, I'm sure you all noticed that the skin of Prvoky is actually an inverted picture of space taken by the hubble telescope.

Oh yeah, before I forget: that thing inside at the bottom is it's rectum, not a penis.

Available at my shop in Oculea for L$ 250


Content theft! Plagiarism!

Remember the hobo fish tank I made february last year?

Banksy did the same thing in real life last october at his Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill show in NYC:

How about that heh? Well it was a full perm freebie...


New freebies

There. I've been back for a couple of weeks and started building again. There's a new avatar coming up and I've finished some things I had started on earlier last year:

RX3000 racecar

When I was a kid I had a toy car that looked something like this. As usual it's really really fast, just like the DX-4 muscle car. Oh okay, I've already gotten complaints about this. I confess: they're both really slow. Here's why.

The Queen of Calleta

The Hobo group now has an entire island, thanks to the Big O(rhalla Zander) and Rezzable. The idea was to make everything on the island free ánd full perms. I'm not sure if that still is the case, but I made this little boat full perms anyway. You need transportation to the island, right?
Also holds a couple of cases of Kumi Kumi (beverage,). In case you get thirsty on your way over.


Almost forgot, but I also made a bakfiets. We use those over here in the Netherlands to move stuff. I made it for the SLLU to put posters a.s. on, so it's not driveable. Just to put out and put stuff in. It's not in a freebie box yet, but will be soon.

As usual, the freebies are available at my shops.