New avatar: Prvoky

Prvoky is a Paramecium Aurelia. It's transparant, and it has flexy hairs and mouths all over. How sexy is that heh?
The box comes with two versions; one has a brain that reacts to chat. Well some of it. Not much really.
Because I have only extremely well educated and intelligent buyers, I'm sure you all noticed that the skin of Prvoky is actually an inverted picture of space taken by the hubble telescope.

Oh yeah, before I forget: that thing inside at the bottom is it's rectum, not a penis.

Available at my shop in Oculea for L$ 250


slothbear said...

Hot hot hot. I just bought one. Now I need to figure out an appropriate event to debut it.

p.s. your brother talked me into buying it.

AstroSphinx said...

I really love this!!! Its nice to see you are still active, I was beginning to worry about you!