Found some extra time on the backside of my to do list (I like that side) and made a quick freebie; a driveable dumpster. Arduenn Schwartzman was so kind to script it so it throws out garbage bags while you drive.

Available at the usual freebie outlets . Oh and I put a bunch of freebies on Slexchange.com too!


Malls malls malls

I get spammed for opening shops in new malls quite often. Some invitations are not spam, sent by people I know, and who know what I sell, and I appreciate that.

But most are sent by people who have a lot in common with eachother:

For starters, they can't build and they like huge shiny empty blocks. They place some of those in a row, put a rental system in and call it a mall.
They all seem to be suffering from a strange type of the Gilles de la Tourette syndrome too when they write the land descriptions. They ****FREE LINDENS**** have BEST CAMPING IN SL an uncontrollable ///DANCE DANCE DANCE\\\ all caps FREEBIES! tic FREE $$$!!!
And they either can't count or they're massacring their visitors. They always claim to have tens of thousands of visitors but by the time I get there (I usually wait for a week or two before i go there) the number has dropped down to a couple of hundred!!