I was playing around a bit with (sort of) random rotation, and whaddayaknow, next moment I had built a freebie fishtank for the hobo's. With captain Orhalla on the package.
That was the easy part.
Then I wanted to make it full perms. Damn, that's difficult. I had to send it to Pavig three times to check before I got it right (thanks Pavig!). Turns out you have to set each-and-every prim to full perms, as well as the objects in them ánd all the scripts!
Everything full perm by default! To the barricades! Storm Linden Labs!
I bet Ruth looks better with a full perm too.

You can get it at my shops with freebies shortly. For now it's in Pavig's docks at Calleta.
Go get a copy. Just click it and you'll get one.
Click it 30 times and you get thirty; you're all set to make modern art.


Frequency Picnic said...

Tooter, you rule. ^.^

Anonymous said...

We have been keeping felicia and frederick and the whole family as pets for years now! Most of the time in their bowl but sometimes they are allowed out in open waters. Thank you Tooter for bringing them into our lives! Pantzer