New avatar: Zechckenyaii the Muscleman

I started building a bodybuilder long ago, but i made a fresh start yesterday. Zechckenyaii developed these muscles lifting books of Kant and Hegel (which he still does when he types), and he looks very good using the standard /muscle gesture. He has a tattoo of course.

I used Eloh Eliot's texture as a base for the face. That skin is available as a full perms freebie, which apparently is a big thing in the world of fashionistas. Pretty common for us hobos though:)

Available at my shops for L$ 250


Anonymous said...

Superb as ever. Tooter also designed the SLLU Christmas season card... http://slleftunity.blogspot.com/2007/12/revolution-at-north-pole.html

Excellent stuff.

Plot Tracer said...

Superb stuff. Tooter also designed the SLLU Christmas season card - http://slleftunity.blogspot.com/2007/12/revolution-at-north-pole.html

A brilliant talent.

Tooter Claxton said...

Stop repeating what anonymous said, Plot :)

Volitoile Chemistry said...

Hey, I know if I didn't tell you here I told you on SL so nice meat puppet etcetera. I just got word they shut down the Second Life banking system. WHAT THE HELL?! Is this true? Check your money and get back to me.