Ooh goodie, compliments!

I am as vain as I am pretty, so sometimes I take a couple of minutes on a sunday afternoon to google myself. I found the Second Life Merchant Times wrote a whole new article on my new store 10 days ago. "A shop as good-looking as its products" he writes, and he's not being cynical I think.

I also found an interview with Pavig Lok in the Second Life Insider, where he mentions me as one of his favorite content creators. Whoa. There's my name in one paragraph together with such SL celebrities as Mis Ordinal, Fade Dana and the wonderful Arcadia Asylum (best builder in SL, imo)! Besides that, I'm a big fan of Pavig's work (there's Greenies, of course, and all his freebies and goggles, fleas and so on, oh and I really like the docks near the Hobo info hub) and I'm so honored I'm almost falling off my chair.

Pavig's docks

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