Hey there,

I'm a graphic designer and I have been playing in punkrock bands for the last 30 years. I have two kids, and when they go to bed I spend my nights on second life.

In there I build stuff. Sometimes it's crap, and sometimes even I like it. I hang around with people that are a lot better at building stuff than I am. I suck at scripting, so I just take free (or 'liberated') scripts and alter them, or I ask a friend to script something for me.

I live in The Netherlands. When I say that to people in Second Life they usually think I'm some weird goth freak, but no; the country actually exists. It's an urbanized swamp about half the size of New Jersey located between Great Britain and Germany and 16 million rude people live there. If you americans keep driving those ridiculously big SUV's for a couple of more years, the whole country will be flooded. So keep it up, because I'd really like to move to a sunnier place.

No idea what Second Life is? Second Life is the most absurd place on earth, very dada. If you have a broadband connection and a fairly good graphics card you can travel there from the comfort of your own home: start here

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