Yona Friedman's Ville Spatiale

I got an invitation to build a shop in the SL version of Ville Spatiale. Ville Spatiale (google) is an architectural/social/urban planning experiment by Yona Friedman that he made in the seventies. It has never been done in real life (although it has influenced a lot of people later) but german art curator Helfe Ihnen has built it in SL.
I made my shop there in 4 hours, and i like the result.

It leans towards the customer and the arms that have the avatars in them are scripted to point towards him or her too.

This is what the back looks like:

And if you're wondering how everything became this white, here's how: All hard work. Hehe.

(mop, bucket and trashbags are free to take at these freebie outlets: Stain Groningen, Zimmy's Freebie Underground (F.U.) and the SLLU freebie shop.)

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