Hobo squat

Zimmy had built a (sorry Zimmy) rather boring and huge structure on a little piece of land he owns, right next to the Calleta Hobo Railroad infohub. This infohub is a wonderful and attractive place built by SL's best dressed man Orhalla Zander which has grown into a meeting place for builders, artists, hippies, banana phone fetishists, rastafarians, newbies, punks, cowboys a.s.o. This Hobo group has a couple of things in common; they goof around and build a lot, help eachother and don't care too much for money.
I offered Zimmy to make a new structure that would fit the scenery a little better and built this favela / ruin. It has three floors, and a lot of little niches, boxes and huts for the hobo's to crawl into.

The outer textures are made from pictures I took of demolition sites in my hometown, the inside walls are from photos of a bombed building in Lebanon.
And again, this one is also free to copy; just click on it. Just be sure to have the edit window open when you rez it, as it consists of three unlinked floors. It was too big to link.

top floor

second floor

Ground floor.

Visit the Calleta Hobo Railroad infohub.

Calleta on flickr


Volitoile Chemistry said...

I'm on my way there now. How long did it take you to build this? Holy crap!

Oh and props.

Anonymous said...

I (well my alt actually) calls the hobo camp home, and her home location point is quite near to your structure... She was very impressed to see it upon loggin in, and quickly found her favourite hole to snuggle in.. very nice build.