New freebie: Hobo Vardo

A long time ago I promised Reggier Rimbaud to build her a new vardo (or gypsy wagon). Because she's a fun person and because it would be a fun build. I finally got around to building it and I like the way it turned out.
It has way too many textures for such a small build (comme d'habitude) and it takes ages to rez them all but it does have a lot of details to look at. My favorites are the canned lettuce and the picture of a young Pavig Lok. But there's also beans. a picture of Rimbaud (the poet, not Reggier) canned sock, culinary books on roadkill, beans, gastritis, a bean plant, a dental plaque, lots of rats, beans, money, a (new! improved!) filthy bed, beans, a gun, flags, and much more.
So somehow a beans theme also slipped into the build, and I have no idea why. Maybe I was hungry? Flatulent? Probably both.
I added a whopping 15 poses which are fun to find. But you can also use the spoiler notecard.

Reggier threw me a party* when the vardo was done: 'Tooter Claxton appreciation day', lol. That was really fun until Orhalla came with the bad news about Patty1 getting injured in Iraq. You probably read about that by now here or here or here. So I'm a slow blogger. Patty1 is back inworld, laughing out loud still hurts, but I saw she had a party last night, so that must be getting better too. Good!

The vardo is available at my shop. It's free to take.

Some more pictures:

* In the invitation Reggier mentioned I got a job at the LDPW, Linden Department of Public Works, which I don't. At least not yet anyway. Blue Linden im-ed me with an invite to apply, that's all. Which I did. But then he invited everyone didn't he? Haha.


Rynard said...

sorry for beeing a bit off-topic, Ill just like to say that I'm really impressed about your stuff and you really made my day, man. I found your little shop in-world and couldn't stop loughing. The design, the textures, the insane avatars and the scripted shop keeper ... so great, so extreme. This is true (punk) art. And of course I visited your other places and bought one of your avi's (Gehirnchirug oder so), I really had to.

Actually the whole area is quite great and inspireing. This is why I like SL so much. Because of people like you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic but how many prims is it??

DufauxDesigns said...

I love you Tooter! :)

Lexia said...

I love the Hobo Vardo my boyfriend set it out in our garden yesterday and i'm hooked. My vain side also made me take loads of pictures which I have posted on flickr and i've had some great compliments about how brilliant it is gonna check out your shop now!!


Patricia said...

Dear Mr. Claxton:

I need a speed boat! I would love to drive one similar to your car. You have an amazing vision and I enjoy visiting your stores/wagons and have a Hobo Vardo of my own.

Thank you, Augusta Godenot

Sidda Leigh said...

You are genius. I love love love you. You, and people like you, are what make Second Life a blast.

Keep it coming!
--Sidda Leigh

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

Grrr. Git some followers, girl... I finished my '{YeOlEye-Beam}' story about sex in Heaven. You’d definitely like it. God bless you --- C'mon, people. The Devil's a deceiver. Ain't no sex in Hell; however, puh-lentee of sex Upstairs for eternity. Choose.