SLLU Building

Across the tracks from my shop in Oculea is the infohub of the SLLU group which I am a member of. The Second Life Left Unity group 'seeks creative, non violent means to foster revolutionary social dialogue via the virtual world platform of Second Life'. In practice this means organizing, hosting and participating in demonstrations, exhibitions, discussions and other lefty events. Yay! (more here).

I made a new building for the hub. A nine story tower block that rises high into the Oculea sky. The building is made to give free space to 'non governmental
organisations', left and protest groups et cetera. If you know of such a group -in real or second life- that can use space in the building, contact me or someone else of the SLLU group.

At first I wanted to make the entire thing temp rezzed, so I could be primhogging like a... well... mad cow! I made fifteen different cubicles with which I could add new floors in no time. Which I did of course, higher and higher, until the building was over 400 prims big. But
when I had it all set up in the temp rezzers and tried rezzing it I found big chunks were vanishing randomly.
Damn. Back to the drawing board.

Aley Arai to the rescue! She patiently explained to me how temp rezzers work. If I remember right -correct me if I am wrong, please- it makes the prims rez like any 'real' prim, but they get taken away and rerezzed very quickly so the prim counter of the land can't keep up with it. This works fine for small low prim structures (like my hob
o ruin) but the primmy monster I had built took too long to rerez and that was why I was seeing parts of the building disappear from time to time.
As I have said before, Aley also showed me some nifty tricks with megaprims that I used to rebuild the SLLU tower block. Always great to get advice from the best builders in SL, thanks Aley!

I have now rebuilt it. It's as high as it was, 9 floors, and only slightly less complex in it's construction than the first version. It's still modular, so I can add more floors quickly when needed. And I managed to stay under 200 prims. Not bad.

The ground floor will be used for exhibitions and other temporary activities, the other floors for the groups, and the top floor for meetings and fun.

Help us fill it!

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Plot Tracer said...

Excellent, Tooter! There will definately be lots of NGO's and left organisations clamoring to get into this fantastic build.

Can't wait to go to the first SLLU bash in the new build!