Pud loses her cherry!

P. and J. have escaped from the kitchen at Greenies to explore second life. And they have been running into all kinds of trouble. Episode two was already shot at my salon, and now there's episode five in which P. loses her cherry to my punk rat avatar. She forgot to tighten it. Don't worry, there's a happy end when J. gets it back for her.

Steff Ling has made five great Pud and Jel videos so far. And there's more to come I hope.
Apparently Rat was a bit of a slacker during the shoot, as you can read on Steffs blog. On its blog it complains about the rat being a lazy actor.

There's a better quality video of this episode on blip tv.


Django Camel said...

Very cool video! I love it!

Plot Tracer said...

Where has Tooter gone?