Statue by Olza Koenkamp

Olza Koenkamp is a polish artist that I spend a lot of time in the sandbox with. I love the avatars and art he makes; defenitely among the weirdest and greatest in SL. Some time ago he opened his first (main) store and I asked him if he wanted to make a statuette at my land in Oculea to serve as a landmarkgiver to his new shop.
He then made a statue of me, ha! I asked him if he maybe misunderstood my offer, but no, it was all on purpose. So there it is, at the railway station. I made a little fountain around it (go and try sitting on it:) and a couple of days later Olza had added two beautiful colored slugs crawling into the water. Great surprise :)

Thanks a lot Olza!

Go check out his psychosomatic rebuilders shop! The avatars are awesome.

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