Exploited warplanes

I had a look at 'Exploited' the new SLLU (Second Life Left Unity) exhibition on slave / child labour, last night. The movie on the roof shows in every ugly detail how children and poor people from third -and second- world countries are being used to provide us with cheaper products. The exhibition downstairs has photos and posters (most of which I had seen before) dealing with the same issue. All in all a good exhibition, and of course a great initiative, but I think it misses a link to everyday products. Then again; there is a garden where you (SLLU members or everyone? Don't know) can build your own addition to the exhibit. If I find time I will.

Afterwards I browsed around the neighbourhood a little and found a small airstrip nearby with very well made planes from WW2. Browsing around some more I stumbled upon two frenchmen; one was Antib Milo, the maker of the planes, and the other was Krispy Alexandre, who owns the sim both the airstrip and the exhibition are on. (I like it when people offer space to builders to make good stuff in SL.) Them being french and me being dutch we talked cheese of course. About the daily trouble that comes with eating Roquefort as breakfast for example.

The Exploited exhibition is a bit to the south.

ltr: Antib Milo and Krisp Alexandre.

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