New avatar: Herr Doktor Gehirnschneider

Yesterday I finally found some time to make a new avatar. As you can see he turned out looking like Marty Feldman a lot. Strange.
With a look like that he'll win any staring contest in SL, I'm sure.
I named him Herr doktor Gehirnschneider, which is German for braincutter. I don't know; somehow German seemed appropriate.
He carries around some equipment on his belt and I made him a typer (for those who don't know: a typer is something that appear when you type -chat- in Second Life) of a surgical knife and a brain with a flexi spinal cord hanging out.
I used the beard of my Homeless Howard avatar for his hair. Turned out kinda primmy, but with the lag today I doubt if anyone will notice.
The rubber boots were a pain in the ass to make, and to be honest i'm not really satisfied with the way they turned out. Fashion design is not my thing obviously. Not even when it's supposed to look cheap.

The card pinned on his chest looks like this:
That SL Centre for Amateur Neurosurgery might just appear somewhere in SL one day :) When I have enough money to buy more land.

This morning I took some pictures of Zimmy, Th3oth3rmo and me in my factory in Calleta.

The av is available in all my shops, for a measly 250 L$ (approx. 0,63 euro), as usual.
The above mentioned Homeless Howard avatar is a freebie (and full perms); available at my main store, at the Avatar Factory in Calleta, at Slexchange and that other online shop that used to be Slboutique... errr... oh yeah! Shop on Rez!

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slmt.blogspot.com said...

The Coke bottle lenses look awesome. :D Thanks for stopping by. And to everyone who hasn't tried a Tooter Claxton avatar: you ain't lived yet.