Synthia Picassole avatar

Oh yes, another new avatar. A naked woman even! And completely PG because she is nude For The Sake Of Art!
I have wanted to make this one for a long time but I never did because I thought it would be a lot of work. But it wasn't that bad. Hardly took any texturing and the only thing that took some time was placing the invisiprims. So here she is, another quick and dirty build (or slap dash as Pavig Lok calls it, elegantly sloppy says Bettina Tizzy, haha) after all.

Synthia is mostly transparant, so you can watch her from many different angles.

The av is available in all my shops, for a measly 250 L$ (approx. 0,63 euro), as usual.
The above mentioned Homeless Howard avatar is a freebie (and full perms); available at my main store, at the Avatar Factory in Calleta, at Slexchange and that other online shop that used to be Slboutique... errr... oh yeah! Shop on Rez!

1 comment:

Anneliese Swindlehurst said...

I love her... I love her when shes on me... I love her when iam wearing her... I love her... I love all she has, the way she moves... Shes perfect... Hoping she loves me... Shes me.. I love her, so she must love me...

Thanks for all, Tooter : )
Keep on rocking!