More press, yay.

The elegant miss Bettina Tizzy honored me with an article on the Not Possible in Real Life blog. Bettina's NPIRL is one of the best groups I'm a member of; we get to see all the great builds in Second Life before they're shown to the public. That results in fun field trips with fun people, most of whom are exellent builders and content creators.

There's a picture of my hippie extinguishers (mistaken for fire extinguishers) on Second Arts. The Burning Life festival is kicking off this weekend but I doubt if I'll attend. I'm a bit fed up with the BL group to be honest. A bunch of hippies calling themselves anarchists arguing over who gets to be the leader. And about every other minor detail. Doesn't get more pathetic than that does it?

Judging by the amount of question marks on the following pages, the Japanese are very puzzled by my work. Here's one, and another, and an older one (I can tell by the pictures). Of course I tried translating them with altavista's babelfish, it helps a bit but it's still confusing:

About my factory: The doubtful building which is the town end, is countrified. It is the building of the atmosphere which matches to the movie of that hand. Here I was thinking had built an avatar factory, but no it's the doubtful building of the atmosphere! Movie? Hand? wtf? But no worries because Also quality of the clothes and the small article is very very. Good to know. Slightly more disturbing was That Lemon buys, when we assume, the Voodoo doll calling but I was glad to learn that Lemon was the name of the girl blogging. Phew.

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