Ah, les beaux arts!

Hobo arts mogul and typo king Thinkerer Melville invited me to build something on his arts & communication sim 'Cookie'. I had an idea what I wanted to do, asked american scripteuse Paladin Pinion and polish artist Olza Koenkamp to join our new 'One man's garbage' group so we could build together.
My initial plan proved to be a little too complex. I wanted to use Altavista's babelfish to make repetitive translations of what viewers would say, and then publish that on a large sign. The meaning of their words would get completely lost during the translations, and the sign would show nothing but gibberish. For example, that last sentence would come out like:
"Smysl word can obtain that it it loses motion vs, it shows during the period or disordered the demonstration of language cannot."
after being translated into different languages over and over. I like that. I think it's funny.
But Paladin found that it would take some scripting on a webserver too (working on that) so we settled for a grumpy sign that would just react sarcastic or negative to words said in chat. We considered giving it alternate 'moods', but as it is provoking so many (mostly negative) reactions we might just keep it this way :).
The build itself has Olza's word receiver sitting a big pile of ears I made (that was easy, ha). On top of it is scaffolding which holds the sign. This is what it looks like. Go and try it.

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