Groningen SL; Stain

About half a year ago I built our local tower, the Martini Tower, because our local municipality wanted to 'do something' in SL. Turned out they didn't have any funds yet, but building that tower got me invited into a group (run by Ivo Krupinski of DMA media) that was already planning on a duplicate Groningen in SL. So I put the tower up at their place. They have a group of fun and very skilled builders and scripters, some of whom i have even met in RL, and of course i promised to help, but never really found time, as I was building other -cough- important stuff.
But I did manage to reserve two shops along the way somehow. And I could put my magazine stand / shop out on the street, so basically i didn't need to use the space for my store. So I got some stuff from my inventory, added some, and built a rock club. Something Groningen SL lacked, and which is one of the major tourist attraction in the real Groningen. I called it 'Stain'. Because it's -well of course- filthy, and also the word stain means rock in our local dialect. I based the logo on the one I made for the (rl-) Vera Club about 12 years ago. They still use it, why shouldn't I?
It's almost done (i.e. I'm almost out of prims) and now the question arises on wtf I'm gonna do with it... I'm not much of an SL party or concert organizer. So basically I either need someone to do something there or a good idea to get it to run by itself. Suggestions anyone?

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