I'm in the movies! Mask

I'm a bit late to blog about it (as usual) but my picture is in this awesome morph movie of Robbie Dingo:

Be sure to click on the YooToob logo and watch Robbie's other video's! Watch the worlds is a masterpiece where he rebuilds van Gogh's painting in Second Life. (Too bad that cheesy Don McLean song keeps playing... hurray for volume control!)


Volitoile Chemistry said...

Oh my god Tootie Get online NOW!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Tooter. This truly IS an awesome movie. But I feel the need to make one glaringly obvious point. Why no human avatars of colour?
Plenty of furries, plenty of green-skinned aliens, good mix of male/female (so no gender probs), good mix of young/old (so no ageism probs). But only ONE male early in the movie who can vaguely be described as 'brownish'.
As a mixed-race Australian in RL Aboriginal/Brazilian/French/English
and with an African-American avatar in SL, I felt a bit disappointed!
I LOVE Robbie Dingo's stuff, ever since he did 'Starry Starry Night', but I feel this one needed a bit more thought!
- Klaatu Congrejo.

Tooter Claxton said...

Well you have a point there Klaatu. As for me I'm a bit off pink with little red and brown spots in RL and so is my av. :)
But I guess Robbie's blog would be a better place to discuss this.