A letter

Dear Mr. Tooter,

Please be nicer to your brother. Don't make him eat aluminum foil or sleep out in the rain. And please do not beat him. It all seems to be affecting his memory very badly.

I did buy Brunnhide, as was so kindly suggested by him, all those wonderful features will surely come in handy. But he continued to beg after the purchase, forgetting that I did indeed buy just mins. before. Your continued ill treatment seems to be destroying his brain. It must be the tazers.

Thank you,
Firery Broom (sic)

Dear Firery Broome,

thank you for your concern about my brother. Don't worry. He is in good hands. You probably don't know that my brother will some day be the sole heir of the Claxton fortune. However, my brother also suffers from anxieties and together with our medical staff I am working hard to cure him so that he may enjoy his future wealth in good health.

My brother is an agliophobe, which we try to cure with a 'hands on' approach, which indeed does include tazering him from time to time.
But the main focus of our therapy is to cure him of his chrometophobia, which we do by making him sell avatars, over and over again. I hope you understand that leaving a fortune in the hands of a chrometophobe is dangerous and I assure you that everything we do to him is done with the best intentions.

We hope you will continue to support our therapy by buying an avatar from him every now and then. Kicking him in the keister while you do this also helps a lot.

thank you,

Tooter Claxton

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