new vehicle: John Beere tractor

Damn, it's been a while since i made a vehicle. There's that crappy scooter and motorcycle and the very, very crappy airplane at my shops, but I sort of gave up on vehicles a long time ago. I can make them look kinda good, but I can't script, so they fly and ride like the driver is having a fit. Ah, but not this tractor; I borrowed Arcadia Asylum's script from her yellow cab that you see all over second life, and now it's a nice, smooth, slow ride.
Modelled -sort of- after a 1960's John Deere tractor. I saw on Flickr that fellow hobo and dutchman Rask has already raced it on the Mercedes test track.

Available for L$ 150 at one of my shops.


Volitoile Chemistry said...

Oh hell yes. Did you make the textures yourself? Wait, of course you did lol.

Seo Link Master said...
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