New avatar: Onyomanya Copeseek

Made a shopping addict avatar; two skinny legs under a pile of bags and packages shedding money and credit cards. My favorite scripteuse Paladin Pinion did the script, based on Arduenn's drop script that I used for the driveable dumpster.
It has all the famous brands; Fartier™, Lag™, Yves Sans Lag™, Bling™, and of course Torley Linden™'s brassiere brand Melons™.
I gave a copy to Torley (which he apparently appreciated :) and I just noticed he wears it in one of his awesome tutorial video's. Yay!

Available for L$ 250 at my shops.


Torley said...

I think you'd find it amusing how some text transcribers of my vidtut are writing your name... "Tutu Clackston", "Tudor Clarkston", etc. :)

But seriously — actually, all in good fun, THANKS FOR THE FANTASTIC, FUN AVATAR.

THIS is what Second Life creativity is about... a very fine example indeed which made me smile time and time again. Mmmmm melons.

P.S. My wife likes your porcine policemen. "Peegs", she calls them. So cute.

Moonbeam said...

Ach, je hebt mij gebouwd...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great freebies Torley and a fun sim. I like taking new people there and watching them go wow.

Oh and, one of my avvies loves going around as the cockroach av you made. =)

Wish it had moving wings or made a noise is all. Or did something disgusting. :D

Anonymous said...


I meant TOOTER not Torley...although Torley thank you for all you do, too!


See, I deserve to go around SL as a cockroach.