New avatar: Norman Schwitzkopf

People who came to visit me at Glidden the last couple of days were a bit puzzled to see me standing in the middle of a huge number of weapons. Don't worry, I haven't joined the NRA and I'm still your treehugging and peaceloving Tooter.
I was making Norman Schwitzkopf (or 'The Negotiator' as Dingle Doigts calls him); an avatar made up entirely of guns, revolvers, pistols, grenades and rpg's.
This conflict manager will quickly settle any arguement.

Get ready to spread democracy across the grid and yours at my shop in Oculea for L$ 250


Phoenix Psaltery said...

Very interesting avatar. And here i thought The negotiator was Bill Shatner. :)

Anonymous said...

it is sad to see people with as much talent as you... appear to lose interest and just kinda fade away. nothing updated here since feb. ?

i see it all the time though.. and everywhere.

TCA said...

Halloween. Dance. Contest. It's the only contest that I've ever won in Second Life. In the Best Male Costume category. At a SpaceJunky concert. The Halloween costume consisting of giant eyeballs that I wore is a Tooter Claxton creation. I purchased it at Tooter's store.

TORRY said...

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SAMMIEE Gee said...

u suck soo bad :/ i hate your disgusting creations, mines are better :D, please people check BLACKNOIR!! in SECONDLIFE THE HIGHEST FASHION IS THERE!

kumi kuhr said...

I shall call mine The Pacifier :D

It was pleasure to meet you at your shop in Lollygagger Lane.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of you, who are you why are you here, what are the blue beans that make five ?